Tods Shoppers!

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  1. Has anyone seen these shoes in black leather-I saw them on Eluxury...but I would rather buy them from a store directly...Thanks!
  2. Hi! I've seen them in brown the other day.
  3. OOOOH! Where????!!!!
  4. It must have been either the Printemps or Galeries Lafayette in Paris. I remember thinking how do they stay on your feet?
    But they were really cute :love:
  5. ooohhh..I will be in Paris in 2 weeks!
    Yeah! Thanks!

    PS-I thought the same thing...thats why I wanna try them on!!
  6. They have this on in both black and white.
  7. Those are cute!!!
  8. I tried them on. If you have a wide foot they are not too comfortable.
  9. LAF724-Where did you see them???
  10. They have this in Neiman Marcus Palo Alto. Saw them yesterday. Even cuter in person!
  11. Cute pair of shoes! I likey!
  12. Thanks so much everyone-I am calling Neimans now!
  13. i like them.
  14. Saw them at Saks also
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