Tod's shoes - Are they true to size?

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  1. To all ladies who own a pair of Tod's shoes....Do they run true to size, run smaller or run bigger than average?
  2. In my own experience, I find that they run a half size bigger. I have three pairs of flats, and normally wear a size 6US/36 European...I've had to buy a half size down.
  3. Thanks SuLi!
  4. I wear 7.5, 38 but kind of wide feet and Tods shos seem to be true to size for me..

    (This means they may be a little bit big if you have normal/narrow width)
  5. i think tod's shoes are all over the place in terms of sizing. i've purchased anything from a 5 to a 6 1/2
  6. They're pretty much true to size IMO.
  7. Yup! And the SAs there admit to this. Each style can have different sizing. :sad:
  8. Aaah! I also feel they run a half size large....
  9. I find this to be the case...can be slightly large, true to size, or I need to go up 1/2 size...