TOD'S shoe sizing and fit - need opinions on styles

  1. How do TOD's shoes fit, small, big, true to size? Narrow, wide? Please post your questions here!
  2. Purchased my first pair of Tod's (online)-imagine my excitement!
    My Tod's came, and I couldn't even get half of my foot in it-imagine my disappointment! My question is: Do Tod's seem to run on the narrow side? Maybe it was just the style of the shoe. I'm going to send them back for exchange, but unsure what to get (Store policy -no refunds). Help!
  3. I find that Tod's shoes fit like other Euro brands. I wear a 10 US and have to get a 41 in any Euro brand (equivalent of a US 11). HTH.:flowers::balloon:
  4. I wear the ballet flats and find that I vacillate between 38.5 and 39. For me, this is similar to Bottega Veneta and Jimmy Choo.

    For the most part, my Tod's are consistent.
  5. I'm a 37.5 in most European brands (Zanotti, BV, Miu Miu etc except for CL, which I'm 38). For Tod's it's TTS 37.5 esp the heels. I find overall the cutting to be generous even for the ballerina flats (for other brands, I sometimes need to half up for flats like Lanvin patent flats).
  6. I usually wear a size 39 and find that Ballerina Dees fit true to size.

    That said, the latest batch of Ballerina Dees I've bought have been in size 38.5. My friends and family have had to purchase smaller sizes too this season. They seem to be making the shoes bigger.
  7. I've been wearing Tods for a long time and I think it depends on the last (design of the sole). I can't wear the super-flat, pointy-toed version at all but the rounded version of the loafer is my favorite shoe of all time.

    Weird thing is that I am a consistent 37.5 if I buy them overseas and a 38 or even 38.5 if I buy them in the States.
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    IMO, the sizes run slightly large!

    I've got rather broad feet (although they're still on the small side) and I find myself needing to include an additional isole into my Tod's driving loafers.

    And actually, I don't know if it helps but I find that they do expand slightly after some wear. You might wanna take that into consideration before deciding on your size. Anyone else experience this?

    That's true! Y'know, when shoe shopping in the states, I find myself sizing up, sometimes up to 1 full size! But back home or anywhere else in Asia, even under similar climate circumstances, I can just buy normal.

    I'm making my first trip to london this summer and will let you gals know if it's the same situation there!
  9. I am sorry. I can imagine your excitement and then disappointment. Do you have a high arch? The loafers are sometimes tricky for me and I have a high arch but the ballerinas usually fit fine. They do stretch as well.
  10. I own a LOT of Tod's shoes and my feet are not small by any means. Most other shoe brands are too narrow for me, but not Tod's. I noticed a difference between their heels and their loafers. In heels, I always wear a size 40 and in loafers, it's a 39.5.

  11. I am looking to buy(online) a pair of driving mocassin from Tods.I am usualy uk4/europeen37. Wich size would you recommend for me? Should I downsize? And buy 3.5uk? I am lost :confused1:
  12. Go with your normal European size. We have been comparing Euro to US. I think you will be fine.

  13. Thank you Gerry.My dilema is that s they only have size 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 on the website, so wondering are they true to size? Do they run large? Will they stretch? They are my first ever tods, so I am relying on all of you experts to help me take a decision:ghi5:
  14. Hi BRITT. Usually Tod’s loafers and ballet flats run from true to size to slightly large (compared to Italian sizing).I have a few pairs of "Dee" ballet flats, which all are my normal size, but if I had to choose between half a size up and have a size down, I would choose the latter.
  15. Thank you waveofjoy I will give a try with half size down and let you know:smile:After all there is always the return option.