Tod's - Sales?

  1. Does anyone know if Tod's goes on sale often, and if so, when?
    Or where I can find discounted ones?

    I'm so lemming one.... :graucho:
  2. Tod's does go on sale at Neiman's, both in the store and online. It would be around the time they are clearing out styles to make room for the next season. So usually June/July for the summer stuff, Dec/Jan for sales of the Fall line.

    Tod's Boutiques also have sales. Usually the lowest they will go is 30% off, but once in a while they go to 50% off but then the selection is very limited.

    Are you looking for a particular style?
  3. Thanks for that info, favoritethings! I wish that we had a Tod's area so that we could post Tod's sales/deals... :biggrin: My mom is also loving the Tod's Bensonville and I would really love to get it for her for Christmas, as well as a different one for me. Everytime I go to Saks and NM we pore over the bags in their Tod's section, the classic-ness (is that a word?) and quality of the leather is really exceptional, I've noticed... Guess I'll try to keep my eyes peeled in Dec/Jan!

    p.s. - I love the bag in your avatar pic.
  4. There is a great Tod outlet in Orlando florida.. they usually have stuff 50-70 percent off..
  5. Yes, I love my avatar bag, thanks! :wlae:

    I love the look of the Bensonville, too. Their look is indeed classic, clean and doesn't scream "I will look outdated tomorrow". Plus incredible leather that always has the best Italian leather smell!

    Good luck in a sale search, though unfortunately it probably won't be before Christmas. That $1400 or so is still quite a bit, and it does seem like their prices are getting higher. :crybaby:
  6. I was just at a Tod's boutique this weekend and their summer bags and shoes were 50% off.
  7. Thanks zeitgeist and claudia, zeit- which location was it?

    If anyone sees Tod's on sale online or IRL, please please please PM me, I'd be super grateful. :flowers: :P