Tod's Sale

  1. Just letting everyone know that the Tod's sale in the retail stores started December 1.
  2. which stores? NM..Saks?
  3. Do you know what's the %?
  4. It's 40% off selected bags and 30% off shoes and accessories at the standalone Tod's boutiques.

    If you need to find the Boutiques, go to:


    Yes, one is in Honolulu!! :wlae:

    The Neiman Marcus here also had a bunch on the sale table at 30% off.
  5. :nuts: :nuts:
  6. there's also one in Chicago!!
  7. one at South Coast Plaza too.
  8. does the sale include the new d bag?
  9. Anyone see their nylon messenger bags on sale???
    Saw it in Paris..almost go one...hhmmmm....