Tods Red Handbag......return it?


Jan 17, 2006
I recently purchased this handbag from Eluxury, I've never owned a Tods but, I'm familar with their quality and styles. Finally, I found a Tods bag that I loved or thought I did...the style, the color...beautiful. When I received it, I have to admit I was alittle disappointed in the thickness of the leather straps/bag itself but otherwise I loved the shape, color etc. I showed it to my 20 yr old niece (since we both have the same taste in everything) and she immediately said RETURN IT :sad: ! When I really love a handbag, nobody can change my mind, but in this case it's 50/50...I really hate to return can someone who owns a Tods please convince me to keep it. Thank you.


Sep 13, 2005
Which Tod's did you get? :biggrin: I own some Tods pieces and I have to say they are great. Especially as everyday bags. In comparison to all the other bags I own, those are the ones that have lasted the longest and been through the most. They still look new too.

If you are having doubts, maybe give it a few more days. Elux has a 60 day return right? You should be within your limits to think it over more. If you do decide, you should really consider getting a different Tods piece.


Jan 21, 2006
I think that if you need someone to talk you into keeping it, you should definitely return it. You should have a bag that you love 100% no regrets or you will just not use it and a tod's bag is a lot of $$ to be sitting in your closet


Jan 18, 2006
Defnintely return it if you are not in love with the bag! For that price, you should love it, and more importantly, if you are not going to enjoy carrying it- then why keep it? Especially when there are so many other gorgeous bags out there! Good luck whatever you decide!!!