Tod's Question

  1. I just received my Tod's Re-styled D Media bag in navy patent from Saks yesterday. Oh, she is beautiful! But I have a question.

    My bag did not come with a Certificate of Authenticity and I'm wondering if that is usually the case with Tod's or if it was just accidentally left out of the package.

    All my bags (Prada, Miu Miu, LV, Dior, MJ, Ferragamo, etc.) have arrived with Certificates of Authenticity that I like to keep. I'm not concerned about the "realness" of the bag, just curious.:s

  2. TODS does not have a cert of authenticity. Only an orange care card. The bag should have a series of numbers and letters stamped or embossed on the inside zipper area beside 'Genuine Leather'.

    Enjoy your TODS, she must be beautiful!!!!!

    How about a picture? I wnat to :drool:

  3. Hmmmm..... I didn't get the orange care card. I'll call Saks and see if they will send me one, just for the record.

    Thanks for your response! :flowers: This is my first Tod's and I will definitely be buying more!
  4. Hope you love your Tods! Post pics soon. Dying to see it.
  5. You can call a TOD'S store, they may send you one. I'll pop into the TOD'S boutique tomorrow and ask my SA for one, if I get it, I'll put in the mail to you.
  6. Aaaah, you're a dear!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  7. Sometimes they put it in the pocket inside the bag, check and see.
    I wonder if the care card is diff for Patent leather. I have different cards for suede from the leather one. I'll ask specifically for the patent leather care card.l
  8. Oh yes, that must be where it is! I didn't even think to look there. Thanks!