Tods Pashmy Media-D Bag Available For $397 (Retail $1125) @ Saks IND

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  1. [​IMG]
    Wallapa, my Saks SA in IND just messaged me with this picture of a blue/gray Tods Pashmy Media-D nylon bag. It retails for over $1125, but it's on sale for only $397. If anyone is interested in purchasing this bag, Wallapa
    can be reached this evening at 317-627-9824.

    You can see this style at using this link....

  2. Tempting- what a great deal! Thanks for the post
  3. Thanks, bagachondriac. Have also posted this in the TOD'S subforum. Tods - Purse Forum Hope you don't mind. Thanks again!
  4. Not at all swan1...Thanks so much!!
  5. has this sold yet? I might call today.
  6. Is this bag really big IRL? I have a small frame and I wanted to know if it will look weird. Also, what is the quality like? Thanks!
  7. wow great deal!
  8. pigally74...I don't know if it's still available as I haven't spoken to Wallapa since last night. You may want to call her using the # I posted above.

    soCurious....check out my "Link to bag" above for a description which includes the measurements..
  9. thanks bag!
  10. FYI, the Tods bag is gone. She says she'd be happy to send pics of the bags she does still have if she gets a call. She mentioned a Gucci Pelham, a Marc Jacobs and a couple of others.
  11. I bought that EXACT bag recently at the Saks Online sale for that same price...IT IS GORGEOUS! And it's the perfect size, I think, for a daily handbag. Not too big, not too small...and it easily fits over the shoulder, even though it's not a huge bag. Soft and smooshy and satiny...and that blue color in the sunlight is sooooooo pretty!!
  12. Oh - correction: The bag I bought was actually the Piccola size...not the Media. I think the Media would be too big for an everyday bag, unless you carry around a ton of stuff!
  13. I saw the same bag in Saks online for that same price ^^maybe you got it. I was'nt interested in it, I just thought it was pretty and it looked light weight. I'm very tempted to call Wallapa about the Gucci and others esp. with the Gift Card event ending today.
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    Thanks for posting about these bags Ageless!! Wallapa texted me while I was in my doctor's office having an eye examination, and I just got home.
    She sent pics of three bags to my cell phone, but only gave the price for the Gucci. Retail on this bag is $1595 and the sale price is $677. Again, if anyone is interested, call her at 317-627-9824



  15. OMG! Trying to resist the Ferragamo. Thanks for posting the pics, Bag. And, Wallapa is super sweet. It's always nice when you don't feel like you're a bother.