Tod's or not?

  1. HI

    need some expert advice - is it still worth spending a little fortune on Tod's 2000 tote light brown big model? The classic one... I used to love it, now I can have it (new) but am not sure anymore if it is still OK to wear? :confused1:

    Thanks a lot
  2. im no expert but i think, its always good to spend money on the classics :smile:
    Tod's workmanship is just gorgeous, u cant go wrong!
  3. which one do you mean? is it their classic look with the structured handles and tod's embelm on the front? how much is it?
  4. I am a big Tods fan, I think it is hard to go wrong there. Bigger question, do you love it? And how much $$$ ? It is a classic, but if not really what you need/desire I always think it's better to hold out for what you truly yearn for. (I actually just bought the new-shaped D bag for Spring)
  5. I love Tod's and I think their bags are classic.
  6. Could you provide the name of the bag? Personally, I feel Tod's bags are of high quality leather and make. The workmanship is just superb. Though some designs are a little conservative, most of the bags are really classic like the D-bag, Kate bag etc.

    In fact, with a new designer (Derek Lam) on board, its bags are getting trendier (not to the level of super trendy hot today, gone tomorrow kind). Keep an eye out for its new season.
  7. I like Tod's Kate Easy Media. Its in my wished list :graucho: I think Tod's are classic and the craftsmanship is superb and of high quality.
  8. Is there a pic? I think you should go for it, Tod's is excellent quality and they do classic styles that will stand the test of time :smile:
  9. Tods is the sort of bag that you will always have a use for. It's not a trendy design but is always chic and classic. I think you really can't go wrong, particularly if you think in terms of cost per wear.

    It seems I have found some Tods fans - if I posted some photos of a bag recently bought, would you guys mind looking it over re. authenticity. Am in a bit of a bind about it - eBay purchase (obviously) and my first eBay purchase. I'm just not sure about it.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  10. Sure! Glad to help :smile:

    Here's a pic of some Tod's that I recently got w/ my Mum at their outlet. I *heart* Tod's!

    There's probably a number of Tod's fans here that'll reply that have more experience than me, but if there's not many replies, just pm me and remind me to take a look. Sometimes I forget which threads I've responded to :p
    Tod's 4.jpg
  11. Sure! Glad to help
  12. If you really love it, it's worth it. Their styles look timeless and as others have said the leather and craftsmanship is tops. I don't own a Tod's bag but I always go in their shop and dream!
  13. I think Tod's bags are so timeless and hold up so well, especially the pebbled leather. My avatar bag is almost a year old, and I have worn it maybe 50% of the time in the past 11 months and it still looks fantastic.

    If you really like it I would go for it! To me they are just practical luxury!