Tod's or not?

  1. HI

    need some expert advice - is it still worth spending a little fortune on Tod's 2000 tote light brown big model? The classic one... I used to love it, now I can have it (new) but am not sure anymore if it is still OK to wear? :confused1:

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    I haven't personally seen this bag so can't comment on it

    Good lcuk
  3. Will do, thanks
  4. Tod's bags are classic and always in style. I have a few and they are my workhorse bags. Even after a few year's of use they always look great. If you still love the shape, color and size then buy it!
  5. ^ I agree with Maxter. Tod's makes really classic looking bags and I really don't think you can go wrong getting one. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
  6. Their leather is W O N D E R F U L L... 1st choice!
  7. Tods are classic, I say Yay.
  8. my personal opinion... nay
  9. I have the Tod's large D bag and use it for work. The leather is incredible and I love its classic lines. I'm actually wearing a pair of Tod's ballerina shoes today-they make great shoes too!:yes:
  10. Tod's is fantastic. I find that their stuff looks so much better than the more common stuff like LV and Gucci. It's just my opinion really.. I love the subtle and the whole not-screaming-out-the-brand-name concept of this fantastic line... Now , especially with Derek Lam taking over for designing the lines, I think it'll go from strength to strength!!
  11. Agreed...I apreciate lines that are not so out there b/c it makes one stand out.

    I love these TODS...


  12. princesalinda, love those bags too!
  13. no.
  14. Like the yellow one
  15. I am not sure what the Tods 2000 tote looks like but I dont think you can go wrong with a Tods bag. Tods usually makes classic bag that you can always use and the leather is great!