Tods obsession plz help

hey girls, i am desperately desperately looking for the tod's handbag as featured in raising helen&carried by kate hudson, BUT in particular im looking for the "suede" version of it not the leather deer skin, if anyone has any advice on where or how plz plz plz help xxx
Call the Tod's boutique- they are super helpful and I am sure they will either help you find it (if its out there-anywhere) or will help you find something similar! Good luck on your search!
Omg i never thought of that! lol i'll do that first thing as i am in the uk and there aren't any stockists here. Maybe there's hope= i have become totally obsessed since watching that movie- its crazy.
lol, thanx sweety, take care xxx
There's a Tod's at Nieman Marcus here in Houston at the Galleria - I was feeling up one of their tote bags yesterday :smile: ooooh it was nice.
hey girls,

muppy: ta for ur reply, i shall ring them both tomorrow morning, i was unaware of the bond street one, spose i just didnt notice it! thanx sweety x

Irissy: ta for ur reply also, i shall indeed check the outlet :P thanx sweety x

Vista: i am curious as to which bag u were "feeling" up lol!!! do let me know, would u know if it was a deerskin one or a suede one? thanx sweety: u have GOT to let me know :smile:

angela xxx
I HAD to have this bag, too, but the suede was not available so I bought the leather version instead. It is a lot stiffer than my Hogan bags, but easy to organize with the pockets. I love the little round "feet" on the bottom of the bag and the side pockets. But I did whack myself in the eye with one of the D rings on the handle once, so I guess this bag may be a lethal weapon!


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