<Tod's nylon bags>: I ordered one similar to the Sienna Miller ads

  1. I wanted a non-leather bag for bad weather and travel--something that could get rained on, snowed on, shoved under airplane seats, etc.--so today I ordered one of those Tod's "Pashmy" nylon bags that became popular last year. It's black nylon with black patent leather trim and burgundy lining. Got it from Bluefly at a good discount, for around $660, marked down from about $900. That’s still a lot for a nylon bag, but I wanted to upgrade from the Longchamps bag that I had been using for bad weather. And I think the price is less than many Prada nylon bags, lol!!!

    I’ll post IRL pics when I receive it. In the meantime, here's some more pics--of different bag styles and celebs carrying them--and other info. pasted below. What does everyone think???


    (this lining pic from eBay)

    (“modeling” pics of a different color bag from NM)

    (Sienna has the large bag--three zippers on front--but I’m getting the medium. Plus hers had exotic trim!)
    Tod's medium Roxy bag.JPG Tod's lining.jpg Tod's modeling pic.jpg Tod's  modeling pic2.JPG Tod's Sienna Miller ad.jpg

    (Women's Wear Daily September 13, 2007)

    MILAN - Tod's posted double-digit profit growth in the first half on a lower cost base and accelerating sales momentum for its handbags and shoes. … Tod's chairman and chief executive Diego Della Valle said the "strong success" of the Tod's fabric Pashmy bag and the debut of newly tapped creative director Derek Lam's first Tod's collection for fall 2007 make him optimistic about the future.

    (Pics from Tods.com, eLuxury, Saks, Neimans. Click to enlarge.)




    Shoulder Bags.jpg Messengers.jpg New Totes.jpg Hobos.jpg
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker

    Halle Berry

    Cameron Diaz
    Sarah Jessica Parker.jpg Halle Berry.jpg Cameron Diaz.jpg
  4. I love it!! Too pricy for me but really nice. Be sure to update and post pics when you get yours.
  5. Gorgeous!!!

    Modelling pics once you receive it, please...
  6. You are going to love this bag! I have the Messenger in grey and I got it for the same exact reasons you listed above. I own a home in Ireland and it rains a lot there, I hate to take my leather bags out in that weather. I just carried it while flying and my 2yr old spilled his orange juice on it in the plane and guess what? It just rolled right off!!!!! DH was happy since I had just purchaed it in Dublin not a week earlier.

    Here is my Pashmy
  7. Very pretty! I love how it's seems like it'll be great for traveling! If I travelled more I would totally get this!
  8. ^^^Thank you kings_20, floodette, and ChenChen! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  9. ^^^LT bag lady, I love your Messenger! I saw a pic of it in another thread and it helped convince me to get mine.

    Funny how nylon bags can be so chic, huh? Did you notice that tods.com posted many new spring bags yesterday????

    BlueFly claims these are made of "waterproofed" nylon; do you know if that's true?

    I had been considering getting the larger size tote--w/ 3 zippers on front, similar to Sienna's--but that seemed huge, about 18-20" wide. Hope I made the right decision...
  10. I LOVE that bag. I think it's WAY nicer than any prada nylon bag, and to me, it looks sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing (handles, etc). I wish I could afford one right now, but I really do think it's a great bag.
  11. love all of them!! i am crazy about nylon bags, i wish more designers would do them...they are so lite weight, i get sick of carrying around heavy leather bags....
  12. ^^^ITA, its a nice change once in a while
  13. My son spilled orange juice on mine and it rolled right off!! The messenger is great because I can wear across my body while I chase after my 2 yr old.

    Please post pictures when you get yours, GREAT price BTW!!! I was in Bergdorfs and TOD'S this past Saturday and they both had them, but not on sale. I want them all!!!:yahoo:DH might have me committed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. I have been wanting that same bag. I just checked Bluefly and they don't seem to have it anymore.
  15. Keep checking back. They get new stock in all the time, and I bet they'll get more of these. :tup: