Tod's new small d bag or louis vuitton batignolles horinzontal?

  1. Hello, i reall like an every day bag that is timeless and classy. But i just can't make up my mind, It's the first time i'm gonna buy a bag over 250 dollars. I like lv mono and tod's, suggestions are welcome. I'm 20, still in college but i will not be using it for school. i'm 5,5 and a size 10-12. Does anybody know if the d bag has a zipper? Thanks!
  2. The D bag is classy - I can't see how it could ever go out of style!

    I think most D bags have an open top with one side zippered pocket. The ones I've seen are unlined, though the inside base has a leather lining.
  3. Tod' won't be one of the mass.
  4. I'm a huge Tods fan, so I'd recommend it. Both are about the same size and are open totes, but there are some differences: Tods bag costs about 50% more ($1100) but is made of leather. It has a drawstring to close it up a bit. Inside is a leather zippered pocket along one side and two side open pockets on the other. It is unlined otherwise, but quite sturdy.
  5. Here's another vote for the Tods bag!
  6. I'm a Tod's fan!
  7. I like the Tod's a lot, especially that color you posted. Fayden just got a LV Horizontal Batignolle and it looks pretty smoking on her. I'm not a huge fan of logos, that's why I like the Tod's. I also find that color absolutely brilliant!

    Good luck and definitely post pics if you get either one!
  8. I'm a huge LV van, but I love that TODs bag.
    It's different and the color is really bold.
  9. LV BH!!! i brought that one 2 months ago, loving it!!!
  10. Thanks!

    you all love the color but i'm thinking about buying it in brown i want an very durable bag and if it's going to cost alot i don't want it to have an verry trendy color. I love the Tod's though but louis neven has sales and stuff and it's quite exspensive. I need to save up 500 $$$ to buy in two months
  11. You probably can't go wrong with either choice, but I think the Tod's might be more of what you are looking for. You might get tired of the logo after a bit if you go with LV. Both bags have staying power, but I think the Tod's does its thing a bit more discreetly, if you know what I mean.
  12. I don't know much about Tod's yet but that looks like a great bag. Get a bag you love. That makes spending the $$$ more justifiable.
  13. Tod's timeless and the quality is excellent!it'll last you forever and never go out of fashion!:lol:
  14. i like the tods too... but i notice that it is slighty heavy as the leather is quite thick... anyone has the tods bag to provide feedback?

    The mono is definitely lighter, but it's too common and personally, i'm not a fan of i would go for the tods, it's a classic and last forever!
  15. I have Tod's and it's not heavy at all, certainly lighter than the LV Epi line. Lighter than MJ, Celine, just to name a few.

    I have the brown leather, gorgeous!