Tod's Mosaic D bag

  1. did any of you tod's fans happen upon it at the NYC boutique? i finally went and purchased it today. it basically is the shape of the d bag, but think of sewn together tiles of leather, hence the name mosaic. it's a limited edition and i mean real limited. the nyc boutique only received five pieces in the three colors: terracotta, choco brown and navy. the material is the same as the bensonville bags. i was eyeing the terracotta, but in the end went with the navy, b/c it's just such a spectacular deep rich blue. i hope to get pics up.

    by the way, the boutique is great place to handbag watch. hermes, lv, gucci... crazy! i kept looking at the other women's handbags!
  2. babyhart,
    Would love to see pics! I'm still contemplating getting the bensonville in dark jeans, but am highly intrigued by the sounds of your gorgeous new bag!
  3. Congrats! That bag sounds fantastic especially in blue. Can't wait to see your pics. Enjoy it
  4. the blue jeans color is the same on the bensonville as it is on the mosaic. i love it because it just adds more life to the d bag... i have to take a pic and post. i held it yesterday and the leather is so divine. i really love tod's.