Tods mini Decoupage Bag in gold

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  1. For those who already like Tod's Decoupage bag (SuLi, hope you see this thread!), their gold mini version now on eluxury is soooo cute! I love this bag!

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  2. Very elegant!
  3. isn't it cute!!!!!
  4. are right, the bag is very cute!!
  5. I hate the fact that I saw this bag today! I have the biggest urge to impulsely buy the damn thing (I try to refrain from doing these types of these things!!!)....though I don't "need" it! Ok, so "need" is relative....anyways, I'm trying to put all my eggs in one basket for a big buy!
  6. Thanks for pointing that out SoyBean! I'm still holding out until this weekend when I go to the Tod's store. I hope to come home with something lovely....weren't we going to work out a "plan" so that we'd both get nice bags there? Hehe. But anyway, it's a cute bag, but I think I still love the regular Decoupage.
  7. The mini version is adorable! :biggrin:
  8. OMG soo adorable and elegant looking. It looks casual but can be very sophisticated if worn with the right pieces of clothing! What's the damage?
  9. very lady-like!!!!
  10. beautiful color!
  11. I saw this one at the mall the other day, but in BLACK. I love the black!! It's so cute and elegant. The gold is quite nice too.