Tod's Miky Nomade

  1. Hey I keep debating whether to get this bag. I tried one on by accident at the NYC store. It was lying around on a chair, i guess after someone else tried it on, and i actually liked it on but didn't have much time to really look at the bag inside and out.

    would you recommend it? ladies who own it, why do you like it, other than the leather quality? is the design practical for everyday?

    eLUXURY - Tod's - Miky Zip Media
  2. I don't own it, but it seems a little overpriced IMO.
    I think it's basic, not outstanding and $1250 is a lot for not outstanding IMO.
  3. I have one. I don't carry it much anymore, but when I did it was quite practical (and I got compliments on it!). The side and end pockets are great for cell phone, lip gloss, or whatever, and the interior is roomy. Also the feet on the bag are cute AND practical. I fell in love with this bag after seeing it on Raising Helen.
  4. I bought the suede one about 4 years ago, and wore the poor thing to death. Loved it, but I agree with Swanky that the price is a bit much.
  5. it is over-priced for me... I will probably get it when it goes on sale.. but with that price, I will get something else.. a b-bag would be nice..
  6. I have the Miky Nomade in the Media size, not the Zip, as pictured. I would say that the Media size suits me quite well, as I had ordered the Grande, and sent it bag because it was too big for my taste. I got a great price on mine, and would recommend this bag. The zippers on the outside of my bag are horizontal, not diagonal. There are four pockets on the outside of mine, which are very user friendly. The shoulder strap is adjustable to three different settings (that I have found) You can wear the strap long, hook it to the O-ring on the side, or double the length up. Kind of changes the look of the bag. I got mine in Brandy and am very happy with it. Tod's is really durable and it is not a bag that will look dated after a few seasons.
  7. hmmm... tln, i saw one with the diagonal zippers at the store. it seemed like the media not the nomade. everyone seems to agree about it being overpriced for a bag. i'm thinking it might be true as other bags are good quality but lesser priced.

    does this bag go on sale?
  8. The one that you linked to was the Miky Zip...that is the one with the diagonal zippers. The one I have, with the horizontal zippers is the Miky Nomade. The media or grande is just the size, medium or large, respectively. It does go on sale, so keep an eye out!