Tod's Miky Nomade Grande. Anyone?

  1. There are some great sales going on, so I'm thinking about getting my first Tod's; I'm curious about the Miky Nomade Grande, mostly about the size. I tried to Google a picture showing the bag in relation to the human form. Unfortunately, the only one I could find is pretty tiny!

    Does anyone have this bag? I'm curious about whether it's too big to be an everyday bag.'s too big, but you'd wear it anyway?
  2. I love this bag and have wanted it forever!! But I'm trapped in my more-spies and Chanel luxury obsession right now so not buying it yet. It's a great, durable everyday bag.
  3. Yay, a response! :P

    It looks huge (but gorgeous!) in pictures, but you think it would be a good everyday bag? I like that it's a clean, classic design that will look good for years. I think I'll put it in my shopping cart and think about it for another day or so...but it's such a great price for a Tod's that I might regret it if I wait and miss out. :sad:

    Hmmm, your answer helps. Thank you! :flowers:
  4. I don't have this bag but have seen it IRL at Neiman's. It is very large - more like a travel bag rather than an everyday purse. I loved the price but I think it is too big for every day unless you are use to large bags and carry lots of stuff!

    I agree the design is so clean and functional! If you can find the Miky Nomade Media that would be a nice size.

    FYI, I had seen this Grande size pop up on ebay and was SO tempted...but in the end decided it was just too big. The seller even admits it was too big for her needs.

    The Tod's Honolulu store number is (808) 924-5110 if you wish to see if they have any and can ship to Ohio!! I was there a week and a half ago and items were still 40% off, and I think they had a Miky Media.
  5. Did the Honolulu store have that Brandy color that is in the photo? I have been looking for the Media size, but have only been able to find it in the Zip style, not the Nomade yet. Love that Brandy, and you would be able to wear it for years.

    I bet that you could get used to the Grande size quickly! You'd get spoiled....
  6. Too big? Not possible! jk It looks fab.
  7. Tod's Honolulu probably did/does have the brandy, but I can't recall exactly. I have focusing more on the decoupage tracolla style! :rolleyes:
  8. I also have been drawn to this bag. It was featured in some of the spring/summer Tod's ads. I saw it in person at Neiman Marcus a couple of months ago. It is very large--approaching "weekender" proportions--about 18" long. Its still available on elux.
  9. Aiiiiiii, I wish she'd have included pictures of herself with the bag! I love the leather though, which is one of the reasons why I'm interested in Tod's; everything I've seen looks so beautifully crafted. :love: Thanks for the info!
  10. I bet you're right. :yes: Today in my office, I kept trying to imagine it in the space where I usually put my handbags (right by my desk where I can look at them during the day :heart: ). I'm so tempted...
  11. Hmmm, I didn't think about looking for ads. Was it featured on a model? I'll have to check out some of my spring magazines! Thanks for the idea! :yes:

    Squeeness! I found an ad on Google about two seconds after I wrote that. ^^^ Is this the same bag? If so, I do believe I can rock that size!
  12. I'm 5"2 and I've tried the bag on. It really is no bigger than my large Muse on me. It's just the perfect size.
    I have to say that Tod's leather is excellent, value-for-money leather. So much so that I wanted to know whether it is European or American (it's Italian, btw). So this is a great durable buy. If I could get this for less than $800 I'll get it.
  13. Does the color have a bit of rust/cognac to it, or is it a straight-up brown?
  14. I've been considering two or three of their bags, but I saw this one and just fell in love. :love: I think I'm about two seconds from grabbing my credit card...

    I just ordered it! :smile: Thanks for the advice and the help, ladies!
  15. Congrats! Did you end up getting the one in your cart or one from Honolulu? Be sure to post pics when you get it!!

    Tod's bags are just awesome and you will love it. The craftsmanship is amazing and the leather always smells wonderful! :tender: