Tods Miky Nomade and Benji Bag

  1. Hi, just wanted to share two new pics from Tods for you- their Miky Nomade (the rectangular bag), and the benji bag
    Benji Bag.jpeg Miky Nomade.jpeg Miky Nomade2.jpeg
  2. I like the benji bag! As usual, you have great taste in bags!
  3. Great bags. Love the white one (pics 2 & 3). I don't think we can get Tods here in Holland.
  4. I like the benji too...its cute! I love their bags in white...but white bags scare me:worried: Did you see the Gold mini decoupage bag in the other post! Ahhh, its so freakin cute!!!

  5. I did see it- its very cute. I like the Benji, the Paro bag and the D Media bags more. They are just amazing!
  6. Love the bags! thanks for posting! :biggrin:
  7. I like the first bag!
  8. I like Tods is getting more market their sending me pics. of their SA's wearing them too!:biggrin:
  9. as always i like the bags you posted!!
  10. :amuse::amuse:

  11. The bag in the first picture is featured in "The Book" from NM in tan! I fell over drooling....can't wait to see it in person.
  12. Hello,
    What size is the second pic?
    Is it medium or large?
  13. Love the Benji, hate the Miky Nomade. I don't understand this bag...they took the Miky/Micky bag that was really cute and made it flat and uninteresting for this season.

    My Hogan SA calls me each season and e-mails me pics of the new bags, too. Love her!
  14. Very pretty bags!!! Thanks, SoyBean, for taking us shopping with you!!!:P
  15. I think Tod's should be paying Soybean a commission! :biggrin: