Tod's Marlene style

  1. For Tod's bag fans, you'll know this is the style with the corded closure that slips around a ball-shaped piece on the bag. I loved the Marlene clutch first time I saw it, but it was too expensive. I understand that it went on sale--in spite of going to the NM and other stores' sale pages, I never saw the clutch. Has anyone seen one of these bags? With my luck, they're all gone now.

    And does anyone know if this was a one-year style or a permanent addition?

    Thanks for any info at all!
  2. ^^I love the Marlene styles as well! There was a recent thread about them: and I have the phone number that you can call to find out which stores have them left in stock. I just bought the Marlene lizard clutch for 50% off from the Tods Boutique in Beverly Hills, and it should be coming tomorrow, actually!:nuts: I will post pictures...

    I know I purchased the last lizard clutch at that Boutique, but I'm sure some other locations have it. I do know that both the Chicago and the Las Vegas Boutiques have the East/West Marlene bags (I've got a picture posted on the other thread of those)

    I have no idea whether they are a permanent collection or not-that's a very good question.
  3. Have you tried Saks, some of the Saks have Tod's, and tomorrow they start the 50% off current sale price. I found a Bensonville and Boomerang for just over $400 sale price that I can pick up tomorrow.
  4. I haven't tried Saks. Thanks for the tip. The Tod's stores don't have much left. I did find out the Marlene is at the end of its run; they won't be making any more. Too bad--I thought it was a classy looking bag.
  5. boxermom, I just ordered one through It was 50% off, $700 now. The Neiman Marcus item number is NMOS7_V9018. Maybe Neimans can help you find one with the style number. Good luck. Here is a picture of the one NM had.
    Tod's Marlene.jpg
  6. Just thought I'd share:yahoo: My clutch just arrived:love:
    This is one beautiful clutch!
  7. It's beautiful Marly. A little handful of style and luxury. That will be a fun one to carry. Enjoy!
  8. Love the clutch, its so pretty.
  9. Tod's does make beautiful clutches. Actually a lot of celebrities carry Tod's clutch on the red carpet. This one is a beauty!
  10. Mine just arrived and here it is...


    This one has the crystal button. Love the lizard skin:heart:
    marlene 2.jpg
  11. ^^^OOOOh, love that cystal button!!!!
  12. (that would be crystal:blush:)-oh, you know what I mean. Anyway, enjoy!
  13. When you are not wearing it, could you use it as a pillow? Talk about sweet dreams........:heart:
  14. Both bags are beautiful!!