Tod's Kate bag?

  1. I am just wondering what everyone thinks of the Kate bag by Tod's. My boyfriend works at the Tod's outlet store and they just got them in. They are discounted and then he gets a discount. It will come to like $500. What is everyone's opinion!
  2. I love the Kate bag! Especially in the media size. That's an amazing price point, too. I am sooooooo jealous!
  3. It's a beautiful bag - very classic looking, I love it.
    That's a great price for this bag. =)

  4. Really cute and well made. Are you going to get the color in the picture? It looks rich and beautiful!
  5. Tod's bags are fanastic. They wear very well.

    The kate bag is a beauty and what a great price for it.

    It's worth the investment.
  6. I really like the Kate bag but wouldn't pay more than $500 for it (knowing that retail is much more). If you can get it, definitely do!

    Can I ask what outlet this is? Curious as I'd like to snag one for myself :nuts:
  7. The price is great so even if I don't "adore" the Kate I would go ahead!
  8. It's the outlet in New York. The Woodbury Common premium outlets. The bag is $900 in the outlet but since my boyfriend works there I can get 50% off the lowest price! I think I am definitely going to buy this bag. And I think I'm going to get it in that color as well. Thanks to everyone for the input, I appreciate it!
  9. i have the kate bag, only that mine has the adjustable straps (with the buckles). I love love love the bag. It's so practical and roomy. i can fit lots in it and it's so classic! The leather and workmanship is brillant! It's one of the most practical bags for me! I'm not sure if the one in your pict will be able to fit on your shoulders over a winter coat. If you want a shouder bag, that is something to think abt!