Tods- in or out?


Tods bags, in or out?

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  1. I was speaking to my sis-in-law the other day and we were taking about the 'in' bags where we live. My S-I-L lives in Switzerland and she was saying that most of the ladies in Zurich love their Tods bags. I have never owned one and wondered what your opinions on these bags are. As Heidi would say, are they 'in or out'?
  2. never liked it anyway, so i would say OUT.
    i think they should stick with their shoes, at least they look good :P
  3. i think the TODS bags are sometimes more suitable for the older ones.but they still have their own fashion elements.
    the design is less variable~
    the most important thing is wether they suitable for u :smile:
  4. id say tods are IN. their fall lineup is quite promising with beautiful fun colours!
  5. I say Tod's is always IN - classic!
  6. To me Tod's has a more sporty feel. I love their bags and have several - they last forever.

    I personally love the Tod's signature orange.

    You won't be disappointed if you get one.
  7. I'd say out, but that doesn't mean that I dislike Tod's myself.
  8. Tod's are classic and timeless. Definitely in.
  9. I don't think really in or out fits - Tod's is just kinda "there" I find... nothing truly exciting or that I must have, but also no horrendous designs either.

    I think they're really just a very neutral brand that's a bit pricey. But very well made though!
  10. IN~I've been seeing Tod's bags in Elle recently and thought that they were actually very nice. Love their shoes, too.
  11. I :heart: Tod's! Their bags are so classic and the lines are clean and understated. No screaming logos, kinda like "you know if you know"

    I have the Miky classic in camel, and I just LOVE it to bits: :love:


    I'm actually considering 2 white bags right now, maybe you guys can help me choose:


    Or this:



    Photo credit: Bluefly & Eluxury
  12. tod's is just timeless and classic. i've never thought of it as a dynamic brand that is trendsetting. to me, they are understated and high quality handbags. i do love the d-bag.
  13. Don't know if they're in or out but I like the new
    D bag Media
  14. tod's bags are classic, i don't think they are 'in' or 'out'.
  15. Tods is IN for me, i love their leather from shoes to bags! I love their Shopping Bags, one of their classics, so much that I bought it in 2 colours.:P Here they are:
    DSC02773.jpg tods.jpg