Tods- how is it holding up?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been thinking about getting a Tods bag, but I'd like to get current Tods owners what their opinions are.
    1) how long have you had you're bag and has it been holding up relatively well?

    2) what kind of bag is it?

    I just don't want to shell out $1500-2000 on a bag esp after finding out some of the other premiere bags are now poor quality compare to a few years ago and some have outsource their manufacturing out of Italy, etc.

    Thank you in advance for all your help!
  2. I only have one Tods bag now. It's a few years old so I don't know if they quality is any different now but mine has held up fine. I think Tods quality is great. The only wear I've noticed on any of my Tods bags was some slight corner rubbing.
    I personally didn't and wouldn't pay full price but that's just me. I don't spend $1,000+ for a bag.
  3. Two thumbs up for Tods bags!!

    I own two: a pashmy nylon in champagne gold. 4th year now; looks great and still earns compliments from my mil every time I use it.

    The socond is a leather piece. I don't know the name, got it last summer. The leather is thick and luxurious, no regrets at all.

    SO, go for it!
  4. Thank you! I'm @Vegas and will be going to Tods to check out the bags.
  5. have fun and let us know what you find
  6. Tod's make excellent quality bags! Their leather is awesome and stitching is perfect! Their designs are subtle and luxurious and not flashy at all.
  7. They are great. I have a lot of shoes & wallets. They have held up great.
  8. so, did you find anything in Vegas?
  9. I saw the bags. They look very well built but didn't fall in love with them. Too boxy and I wished it had a better finish. Maybe I just need a second look

  10. Ditto!!! Quite impressed with the quality of the leather. It looks so delicated yet doesn't scratch easily. Amazing!!! And to think I use them when I travel. Tod's will not disappoint you.

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  11. Have one for 4 years with occasional use. Some corner rubbing and some of the fur has been falling off which is expected with use. Overall good for 750$. Love the look and style for winter
  12. i think the workmanship is still good compared to let's say prada which has really gotten bad feedbacks lately.
  13. My sister bought a Tod's Nomade bag a couple of years ago. She didn't use the bag for a couple of months and kept the bag in a cabinet away from sunlight and heat sources. When she took it out we were shocked to see that the leather has melted and fused together. We do live in a tropical climate but the level of damage on that bag really shocked us. I've never seen a bag (even the cheap ones) react to our climate like that.
  14. that's hard to believe
    are you sure it's an authentic Tods bag?
  15. I'm sorry to hear this. Truly difficult to understand getting such a bad condition whilst sitting in a cabinet.

    I cannot confirm this experience. My Miky Nomade is now nearly 5 years in use and the bag still looks like new. The leather has such a first-class quality.