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  1. I love Tod's and recently fell in love with Hogan (also made by Tod's) sneakers. We just came back from Italy where I purchased my second pair. I have searched on line and Hogan is no longer in the USA. They did have a store in Soho, NY but it is no longer there. I see Styledrops has them, but I am not so sure about ordering from them. I have looked them up and found mixed reviews for that site. I also found another store on line called Tessito (think that was it), in Italy. Anyone purchase from either place? Does anyone have info where I can find Hogans in the US? TIA for any help :biggrin:
  2. The TODS outlet in Woodbury usually has Hogans...
    Darn that would be a pity if they are no longer sold in the US...
    More trips to Italy might be the only way around this little problem ;):graucho:.
  3. Lol lt bag lady :smile:
  4. Saw some Hogan bags at TJ Maxx recently. Maybe they'd carry their shoes as well?
  5. Wow, that is amazing - I would never imagine Hogan at TJ Maxx. I have to look closely but our store is so small...
  6. Ann's Fabulous Finds has them currently in Ann's Fabulous Closeouts and their *bay store!
  7. Yeah ive seen tods at non tods outlet type places before.