Tods Hogan outlet stores?

  1. Are there any? If so, in which cities? I'm having a difficult time finding information. Thank you!
  2. There's one at Woodbury Commons in NY
  3. There's one in Orlando, FL
  4. I didn't know they have them in the US too. I know there is one in Italy close to Florence.
  5. Cabazon, CA.
  6. the best one unfortunately is in italy but you might like to know because it could happen that you come here and you'd like to know.
    it is in sant'elpidio a mare, ascoli piceno
  7. Darn! :sad2: My parents went to Italy 2 years ago (they've been going to Europe evey other year since 2002). This year they're going to Spain and Greece. No chance of an outlet being there, I guess.

    Thank you everyone for your help! :biggrin:
  8. how much of a discount do they offer at the ones in the US?
  9. I think the one in Cabazon, CA usually goes for 40% to 60%. I know they have $1000 last season bags for about $400 and when they have special sales during holidays, it gets cheaper. That's how I got my pink suede Tod's for $250 during the mad Thanksgiving sale. :biggrin: