Tod's help..

  1. I just purchased this on eBay:

    The seller guarenteed authenticity, and everything looks fantastic(high quality leather, even stitching, lampo zipper, t's embossed on zippers, studs on bottom perfectly aligned, plain canvas inside). The only question I have, is I've seen that usually on the inside pocket/ says "made in italy" on one side, and then something else on the other side. On this bag, there is nothing written or imprinted on the inside pocket (except the "T" zipper). On the other side (the side without the pocket) it says "Made in Italy" engraved on the leather. I do not see any numbers anywhere in the bag. The seller included the receipt, which is from 1999, so maybe older styles do it this way? I'm convinced that this bag is 100% authentic because EVERYTHING else is perfect and the leather is so sturdy. So, does anyone have any knowledge of older Tod's bags? Has anyone seen bags like this?
    Also, does anyone have any tips on what they do to clean their Tod's. This bag was a steal, but has taken a light beating. There are scuffs (more on the back than the front), and a few pen marks. My mom said her friend used a Tide to go on a bag, but I don't think that it will work? I was thinking maybe a magic eraser. How do you girls clean your Tods bags?