Tod's handbag leather ruined

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  1. My sister got a ink mark on her tod's tote bag which in under a year old. She tried to clean it:amazed: . I am not sure what she used???
    It is a light cream colored bag. She now wants to send it to the company to see if it can be redyed or fixed. Does anyone have any information on who she can contact or where to send it?
    Thanks for any help.:nuts:
  2. if she has a tod's store next to her, she could go there and ask.
  3. On a Burberry bag I used rubbing alcohol and the ink came off! But it was on a nova check bag
  4. I wouldn't use rubbing alcohol on leather... Contact the nearest Tods store, or even try calling a few--find one that's helpful. The next option is to contact an expert leathercraftsman/shoe repairer. I'd check the high-end stores in your area for a reference.
  5. I contacted the outlet where she bought the bag. She paid $1,000. for it so she wants to fix it. The Sales Lady was very nice and said my sister could send it to Italy but she was going to contact the corporate offices in NY to find out what can be done (if anything). It's not a defect on their part but my sister just had to rush and try to clean it and really messed it up.
  6. Try calling the San Jose store and asking for the store manager Melissa....they have a store in the local area which has similar colors to their bags to help restore these things....particularly light shades of leather. Hope everything works out.

  7. oh no. I did that years ago on a BV bag and learned my lesson. Hopefully a good leather repairer can help. Will keep my fingers crossed for her.
  8. Is it the ink that is the problem, or what she used to clean it? She might be able to use some saddle soap (made specifically for leather) or purchase a leather cleaner from a high-end shop and try that before shipping it overseas.