Tod's guidance wanted

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  1. [​IMG]I almost purchased a bag like the one in this photo. I wasn't 100% sure about it. Price was excellent but it had quite a bit of scratches on it...making me think the leather was prone to this and would get more. Since the bag has somewhat of a vintage vibe, I could have lived with that, but it was a final sale and I was hesitant, so I passed. They also had Mickeys but I don't think they had the color I was looking for and (sorry no offense to Mickey owners) I found them a bit plain for my taste. So any opinions in case I get another opportunity? Thanks
  2. The style you pictured does scratch and this is the nature of the leather. I bought one 2 years ago and it was covered in scratches new.
  3. Thanks ...that was my impression...does it bother you? or do you just feel that's the nature of the leather and it's OK with you?
  4. Well I ended up returning it. It wasnt because of the scratches, I had just bought another I preferred, but the scratches did bother me a bit.
  5. The TODS calf leather bag so scratch easily. I had the restyled d bag in calf leather in 2 colors, sold both b/c of the fear to carry due to ease of scratching. The TODS grain leather bags do not scratch easily at all. Most of my TODS are grain leather with a few exceptions like th T bag, the leather is no quite the grainy Miky leather but it is resistant to scratches.

  6. Thank you ladies. I guess I made the right decision not getting the bag in the pic. I'll have to take another look at the Miky and other Tods bags. I'm wanting a ligheter brown (maybe luggage) color bag right now--darker than camel but not dark brown. Any recommendations in Tods?
  7. Here are some Tod bags on Jomashop:

    Thanks for posting pics of the first really is a great lookin' bag - had no idea about the leather "issue"....
  8. Thanks dcblam. That bag was such a good price (something like 75% off full retail) that I was tempted to overlook the scratches. But DH came along and said "it's just going to get more scratches". I was at the point where I'd already been in the store too long, so I folded. Even though $450 for an $1800 bag is a great deal, it's only great if you're going to be happy with it.