Tod's G bag VS. Celine Luggage

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  1. Hi, everyone! Please share your thoughts. I want either G bag or Luggage. They are tottally different, but if you had to make a choice between Tod's G bag and Celine Luggage, which one would you choose? Tod's G with fur is approx. $1000 more expensive, and yes, there is an issue from a view of animal protection...:smile: (I could not fiture out how to post a poll thread!)



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  2. i'm not a fur person so between the 2 u posted i'll pick the celine :smile:. style wise i do prefer the G bag. can u wear the celine over your shoulder? the strap looks a bit short?
  3. Celine!
  4. Celine Celine Celine :biggrin:
  5. I like the G bag but fur is not something I'd carry, if it only comes in fur, then I'd go for Celine.
  6. I don't think I can wear the Luggage over my shoulder, which is its negative point that has been on my mind.:smile:
  7. Thanks margaritas and lvusr1 for your suggestions!

    bisoumoi, G bags come in normal leather! My first choice was this plain G bag, which DH says a bit boring and finds a bag with fur unique! (but it is not him who carries, of course!)

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  8. I have to say the fur looks awfully cute and I agree with your husband the fur is definitely way more interesting than the normal leather... the only thing I'm worried about is that it might dated quickly maybe? ... and You know how much I love the blue Celine! Oh... this is such a hard decision to make... :confused1: I'm sorry it doesn't make it easier for you but I really do love both bag... Celine is so elegant and timeless but the fur is so interesting and such a statement piece... you know the kind of thing that makes strangers on the street take a second look...
  9. Celine!!
  10. call me boring but i love black bags :heart:

    do u carry handheld bags? are u looking for a statement piece or more of a daily classic bag?
  11. lufc_girl, me too! I find the fur look so cute!

    ms p, NONO I don't call you boring!! I like handheld looks, but I prefer a shoulder bag in real life. I want to buy a bag that is unique in design but usability is also important....

    I am looking for a bag for daily use. And I like to use a statement piece on a daily basis. So, may be TOD'S? But,

    The Luggae is not only classic and elegamt look, but also a bit funny look, which I find interesting! Can serve as a spice of fashion!

    So lovingmybags, Celine??????????


    Celine :wondering Tod's
    I must go to both Celine and Tod's stores again!
  12. it's hard to decide, but i'd go with Celine
  13. Celine definitely.
  14. I am a fan of the leather g bag but not the fur. The celine looks so boxy that I vote no.
  15. G bag - with out the fur.. The fur does not look good on this bag, to much..

    I like the color of the Celine.. If you can get the G Bag in the color of the Celine it would be prefect...