Tod's Fit??

  1. Hey everyone...I just bought my first pairs of Tod's moccasins and am wondering how they fit and if everyone finds them comfortable even on average to wide with feet...I've heard they are extremely comfortable and got them for great prices on Neimans this I just wanted advice before wearing them:smile: Thanks!
  2. love my tod's. my feet are on the wide side, and tod's feels the best. your feet will thank you!! congrats! now you are spoiled, i doubt you will go back to other shoes..
  3. I can't get enough of my Tods driving mocs. I look forward to driving somewhere, just to put them on. So comfy. I have a patent pr and they still look like i just bought them.
  4. They are very comfortable and true to size...I have some of their ballerinas and a pair of sandals and I love them all! My foot is med. width. Good Luck! Hope that you love them.
  5. I have got to look into these. Does Bloomingdale's carry them, do you think? I prefer shopping at Saks or NM's, but there's a Bloomies much closer to me and I'd like to try them on first.

    After I get my first pair, I'll just order them from NM.
  6. I love mine and I find them to be very comfortable.
  7. They are very comfortable and true to size
  8. I have a narrow foot, so I think they run wide. Also a little big. I'm usually a 41 and I wear a 40 in Tods.
  9. Tod's shoes are the best I have ever tried! I highly recommend them!! :yes:
    I also believe they are true size. You won't be disappointed by them!! :yes:
  10. I have wide feet also and they fit great! For me they ran a little big, so I added a little cushion to the bottom and now they are nice a snug :smile: