Tods, Fendi 50% off at NM

  1. I'm not a Fendi fan, but that denim bag is really nice. It's gone already.
  2. the Fendi is still in stock, the Tod's gone...
    i hate that NM put new bags on sale almost everyday and I'm always late...
  3. both gone..
  4. gone!
  5. Both are back. That is the oddest site.
  6. That Fendi bag is gorgeous! Too bad it's gone.
  7. I REALLY like both bags but am partial to the Fendi. GREAT price too. I have one Fendi which is somewhat vintage (I've only carried it a few times) and no Tods although one of my good friends is a diehard Tods fan and has offered to loan me one of hers.

    Note to self: Keep a closer eye on the Neiman site. :--)
  8. WOW...great deals!!! :nuts:
  9. Both are gone.:blah: