TOD's experts need your help name this bag...

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  1. I post this inquiry in an existing thread but i thought I should create one too..Anyway, TOD'S experts need your assistance identify the name & color name of this bag I purchased from TOD'S outlet in Feb 2007. Thanks in advance!!!;)

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  2. Sorry, never seen it before ....

    Probably LT bag lady will be able to tell you. She is the expert - she does know everything about Tod's and she is always very helpful.
  3. It reminds me of the "Happy Bag", but the one I've seen, was canvas - not leather and it was smaller than the bag on your photo. Let's wait for the Tod's experts.
  4. Sorry I don't know the name of this bag, but it is such a beautiful design.
  5. It is the Happy Shopping bag (in the piccola size, I think).
  6. Thanks for checking my inquiry ---- LT bag lady need your help!!!
  7. I googled the Happy shopping bag as you indicated and you probably be right :graucho: I'm soooooooo "happy" now that I found the name of my Tod's bag :yahoo: Many thanks!!!!