Tod's Dee Ballerina?

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  1. Dont kill me but I bought these for my 11 yr old about over a month ago.She has really weird to fit feet...and SHE ADORES them.She claims them to be her fave shoes ever!and she wears them to death.She got them at SAKS in white leather with choc brown trim.In all honesty..It was the best money I ever spent on her(AND her first pair of designer shoes..but dont tell her dad that..LOL!)
  2. dont know this particular pair but for me tods flats are almost always all day shoes.

    Jill, i had my first pair of tods when I was 14 (and maybe sooner if my mum had discovered them earlier...). we are a`tods family.... if i could justify the expense i might even buy them 4 my son when he is a bit older.
  3. jill - i saw just the exact pair you mentioned on sale at neimans - tempting !
  4. I wish when I was 11, I had shoes worth over $300. LOL
  5. Me too!

    Anyway, I have several pairs of Tod's and they're the most comfortable shoes I own. Totally worth every penny.
  6. I own a pair but I find that the elastics would force the back of the shoe to dig into my foot and forces thus, my toes get cramped in the front of the shoe. I really do not find this style comfortable.
  7. The pewter ones with black patent buckle across the toe area are down right gorgeous. I like how the buckle lends the ballerina an edgier look.
  8. I bought another pair the other day. The white, that I have so far, are my favorites and then I started obsessing about the all over black ones.

    Just love these shoes!!!

  9. I had sort of the same problem with the first pair I bought. They felt good for about the first two or so hours (I was like, wow...perfect fit) but then after that, they started feeling a little small and kept digging in the back of my heel, thus I would push my toes forward.

    I bought heel liners, and that made them feel 100% I can wear them for a long period of time.

    I just bought a second pair a few days ago, and decided to get a size 1/2 larger than the last pair, and they don't dig at all...but I still put the heel liners in for extra comfort.
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  11. ms piggy- i absoloutely agree. the pewter ones are so cute! do they still sell these?!?!?!
  12. these are so unbelievably uncomfortable for me. i'd really advise trying them on before purchasing.