Tod's Decoupage

  1. I saw this bag at NM's this afternoon:


    I think I have to get's so gorgeous in person. They have it in a tan color too. Going to sit on it for a few days. I'm in love :love: .
  2. I love that style. I must admit to being in love with this one:

    NMV7350_mp.jpg :love:
  3. Thats adorable...what was the price on that?
  4. Great-looking bag for summer!
  5. That is nice! I bet the tan is gorgeous, too.
  6. Nice!
  7. Wow, I must say I love the lines on this one, so clean and structured! Very pretty ...
  8. Cute bag!
  9. I love the denim and green version. English_Girl - where did you see that combination?
  10. Ohhh, this style is very are my picks of shades for this one, the brandy chiaro, the orange, and the demin and brown!
    BrandyDecoupageMedia.jpeg CrocoDeminDecoupage.jpeg OrangeDecoupage.jpeg
  11. the black one is nice too!
  12. I think the retail price is $1050 for the one I saw.
  13. Very nice, I love the white :biggrin:
  14. Cute... i like the denim.
  15. I like this style. It looks like a bag that Bree VDK from DH would like.:nuts: