tods d in red

  1. so i ordered this bag on today b/c they were having a sale. got it for a great price! what do you guys think?? you think it'll be hard to wear?

  2. I love red bags I think it's gorgeous!
  3. Congratulations! Red goes great with so many styles and other colors.I love red bags and find them very easy to wear.Enjoy.
  4. Delicious!
  5. Lucky you!! I have a version of this bag in lt. tan. It's a pure red so it shouldn't be hard to wear. It will add style and pop to any outfit. Congrats! Love Tod's bags.
  6. Beautiful bag, I want one!
  7. I love it. Not hard to wear at all! I want it in yellow.
  8. I adore it! You go for it girl! Red is fabulous!!!!
  9. gorgeous!!! :smile: How good a deal ;)
  10. Red is one of my favorite colors, and actually quite easy to wear. I have the Tods D Bag in black and absolutely LOVE it!
  11. I think that Tod's is a fabolous bag, so neat! (Love Tod's, just bought 3 pairs of their loafers this week, very naughty..)
  12. I love Tod's and I love red handbags. (I also love red shoes.)

    You can wear this with black, white, khaki, tan, olive green, the possibilities are endless.
  13. thanks everyone for the responses! i'm worried that it may be too bright and big. anyway, i think i got it for like 30% off. I actually don't know the retail of the bag hah...i think it's around 1000 and i got for 690.
  14. I love this bag! I think you'll find it goes with a lot. You got a great deal - congrats!