TOD'S D Bag Which One Should I get .....

  1. or should I get both :p

    one is Gray Patent the other is Patchwork in Bone Color:

  2. more pics...

  3. [​IMG]
  4. I think I really need that Gray Patent one ....
  5. OMG - they are both gorgeous! Get both if you can! I think I like the bone patchwork best, but you can't go wrong either way!
  6. I would like the Bone better if it didn't have Silver HW I think .... I absolutely love the bag tho
  7. I really like the bone one, but have you seen the blue patent one? I saw it in LuckyMag and fell in love.
  8. I agree with BagLuver, I would keep both if you can. Otherwise I like the bone one better.

  9. No, I haven't seen the blue ... they had these two and also Black, Raspberry - which is really a dark Burgundy - and a DarkTaupe/Gray all in Patent
  10. I like them both. But if I had to choose one then I would go with the gray patent because I would get the bone one too dirty!!
  11. i'm not fond of patchwork (sorry)

    But that grey patent one is really pretty!! how much does it retail for?
  12. Lurve the grey patent!
  13. I love them equally. If I have to choose one, I like the bone patch bag a little bit more. But you won't go wrong with either one of them.
  14. Get both!
  15. I like them both! I dont think you can really go wrong with either, but Im leaning more towards the bone patchwork one for some reason.