Tod's D bag - more info, please!

  1. Does anyone know the history of Tod's D bag? I know it was named after Princess Diana. How long has it been around? How popular is it? Does anyone have it? How do you like it?

    Thank you very much!!!

  2. I believe Tod's D bag (carried by Princess Diana) is like this:


    It has a top zipper, and is very well constructed. It has a detachable shoulder strap. It can be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag, or across body. It is a classic style made by Tod's and is one of my favorite designs. How long ago? If Princess Diana passed away ten years ago, then this style must have existed over ten years. Since it is a classic style, it will not be out of fashion.
  3. love the d-bag. very simple, basic and easy to throw around. fits a lot more than you think. i love that it doesn't scream with logos but the shape is so classic to tod's that all who are in the know will know you're carrying a tod's. this season, there's a restyled d-bag, take a look at that style too.
  4. I have the new D-bag media in several colors and love it. It is simple, durable, and low-key. I especially like that it doesn't have a lot of hardware or telltale logos. I highly recommend this bag!
  5. Thank you everyone!
  6. Maybe the SA that was helping me was wrong but he said that the bag in the pic is the D bag and it doesn't have a zipper at the top. But maybe he was wrong! Thank you for pics!!!! :yes:
  7. The one Diana is carrying does have a top zipper. The ones I've seen lately, including the restyled D bag, does not have a top zipper - it is open.
  8. I had no idea it was named after Princess Diana. Now I must have one!!!!!
  9. i love the new restyled D bag :smile: - so classy, just like princess D.
  10. I have the black one you posted a pic of in white and i ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LOL!!! I was at Tod's Outlet this past weekend and was looking at a smooth leather D bag in black. I wasn't sure if I could "live" with smooth leather as I am used to pebbled/caviar/Epi/etc but once the SA told me the bag was named after Princess Diana, I was SOLD!!! :nuts: I have to agree that it's a very practical bag and hopefully smooth leather will withstand the test of time...:s
  12. I have a black D bag which is about 3 years old. Ages beautifully and is a fantastic bag. You won't regret getting one.
  13. Can you still get the model with the zipper top?
  14. I have the restyled D bag without a zipper. The size is perfect. I don't mind an open bag and it has 2 zipped pockets inside. Tod's is an understated, top quality bag.

    Don't know if the zipped one is still made.
  15. I am seriously considering getting a black one, but on the Saks and NM websites it doesn't look like there's a zipper across the top. It seems to have two pull strings.

    I was hoping to find a zippered one, but I suppose the new style will be okay.