Tods D-Bag Media....ever on sale?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a Tods D-Bag for work when I start my job in the summer. Forget the Media part of the title - Has anyone ever seen any Tod's D-bags on sale, like the D-bag grande? Or in outlets? I would just hate to get it and then see it half off somewhere......but seems so classic, so I wonder if it's EVER on sale at a discount.....
  2. I don't know where you're located, but Woodbury Common has a Tod's Outlet. They have fabulous prices. They did tell me that they are a season behind what's in the stores... That's to be fair to the stores. But you might get it in the outlet, you never know. I bought a black Moccasino there -- which I think has been discontinued, but it is such a classic shape, that it will never go out of style. The D bag is always evolving a little bit, with a new strap or new something. But they will have last season's. There are many Tod's outlets all over the U.S., and if you are near one, you should definitely go.
  3. If you're not near an outlet, check out Bluefly. They have lots of Tod's bags, though I'm not sure about the D-bag you're looking for. Stock changes constantly, though. And it's all discounted.
  4. thanks for the tips guys. i guess what im asking really is whether anyone's seen the d-bag on sale........if no bag-lover has seen it on sale, ever, then i can proceed to get it knowing it probably won't go on sale after i buy it at full retail...
  5. Yes, I've seen it on sale -- not on a great sale, but discounted at least 25%. Saks had it on sale in red -- I think I saw it on another thread here.
  6. ....I don't know but it would be NICE if there was a Tod's forum so we can discuss Tod's/Hogan collections!!!!!
  7. Not that I know of, but I just got a great white Tods D media on eBay.
  8. I've seen the older style and the newer style at the Tod's outlet in Orlando. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and they definitely had a couple of suede, also one in a printed leather (very unusual). At one point they had the suede with grommets for $475 (originally $1350). So, the outlets are your best bet.
  9. Hi! I know I saw a bag called a "media bag" this month at the Tod's Cabazon outlet. Not sure of the different styles or if it is the one you're looking for, but you may want to look up Cabazon's # and give them a call.
  10. you will have to wait till the season is almost over. a lot of their bags won't go on sale till late. i shopped once in their NY flagship store on Madison. it was july/aug-ish so they have sale for up to 30% at the time. def. also on eluxury, Saks' sites, they have sale on Tods'. almost a lot of their bags will go on sale if you wait out. their bags are really well-made and classy cool. if you can wait............
  11. For UK based girls, I saw this model at the Tods shop in Bicester Village when I visited a while ago but in only one colour - so I guess it does get reduced in price sometimes even in the UK.