Tod's colors

  1. Hey does anyone know if there are certain colors like black that Tod's keeps always in its inventory?

    I want to go to the Tod's boutique in the city (NY), but I thought maybe one of you ladies might know. I'm looking for something specifically in the orange family, but would that be considered a seasonal color, therefore i have to wait till spring or summer next year?
  2. I know that the Orange is available in the Miky Nomade Media for fall on the NM website. I'll grab a photo for you !

    Here it is:

    I have this bag in Brandy and it is fabtastic! You can adjust the strap 3 different ways...that I've discovered so far. It is very user friendly, lots of pockets on the outside and very roomy on the inside.
  3. The Milky Nomade is TDF. I really love Tod's bags. Always very classy, IMHO.