Tod's Carrie - Authentic?

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  1. [​IMG]



    Description (as found at

    Authentic Tod's Tan Large Leather Bag

    Condition : Excellent. The whole bag is in very good condition. The sides of the bag and the piping of the bag are all in excellent condition.

    The only flaws will be the very slight scratches on the silver hardware and minor scuffs at the base of the bag due to usage.

    Measurements : Length(19 inches)x Breadth(5.5 inches)x Height (11.5 inches)

    It is a really large bag.

    This bag is made of caramel pebbled grain leather. It closes with a magnetic clasp.

    There is a huge zipped compartment in the bag (as shown in picture 3).

    It can accomodate a laptop as well as A4 files.

    Please help! TIA!
  2. I think this is authentic but I would ask for more pictures if I was buying. Hardware and a full pic of the markings inside. the pic shown is not showing th made in italy on the right side. the stitching looks ok.
  3. What should I look out for on the hardware, as well as what kind of markings on the inside? Thanks!
  4. Some hardware has clear TODS markings, on the right is should be embossed Made In Italy and a number. If you post the pics here, there are a couple of ladies who can give opinion.
  5. It's authentic, I can see the embossed 'T' on the zipper pull, the zipper is metal, the lining is solid canvas and i can also see the Made in Italy on the left of the zipper area. The stitching is uniform and the leather quality looks good.
    How much is that in USA $? Just curious.
    Good luck!
  6. It's approx USD465. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. I am in contact with the seller, hopefully I will be the proud owner of this little darling soon! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.