Tod's Carrie 2 - Authentic?

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  1. [​IMG]





    Details of the posting are as follows:

    This auction is for an authentic TOD’S shoulder handbag measuring 13” wide and 8” tall (not including straps).

    It is in wonderful condition and is a dark green color. I do not know the style name. I also have the original storage bag for the purse.

    Check my feedback and bid with confidence!
    Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close with address and payment choice. Thanks for looking!

    I posted another Tod's Carrie previously, a tan leather version, which was going for USD465. This one is going for half that - at USD206! So I just wanted to make sure it is the real thing. What do you guys think?

    I asked the seller for another pic of the Made in Italy inside the bag, still waiting for her reply. You ladies reckon, with the embossed Made in Italy, it is the real thing?

  2. I would not comment until I see the Made in Italy and tods markings inside. The ststching looks good but the pics of the amrkings are not clear. More pic needed.
  3. Bag looks authentic, zipper is metal and the embossed zipper pull looks good. THe Made in Italy picture and the entire area around the zipper would allow me to say 100% authentic. The fake Carries I've seen have that horrid lining with the pattern on it and nylon zippers. I can see the lining on this bag is solid.
    206 is a great price! Get more pictures so we can have look and confirm 100%.
  4. [​IMG]

    Hi guys, this is all she could provide me with. What d'ya think?
  5. Looks good. I say authentic.
    Good luck
  6. Yes I second that. Authentic.