Tod's Black Decoupage Tracolla Grande w/ Strap

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  1. Hi all -

    I have a rather small collection of Bally and YSL, and haven't felt them exciting enough to post in the collection site. But I just got a new Tod's today and am inspired to show you all!!


    It's called the Decoupage Tracolla Grande, and I just love it!! :love: I really need a bag with a strap (for pushing that large cart at Costco!) yet I like structured bags. Plus I usually buy bags only on sale or clearance, but I must say...this forum has just inspired me to go for it!!

    It's from the Tod's boutique in Honolulu. I think it's almost like a limited edition, since I don't see it on eluxury or Neiman's. It's a great size for carrying lots of stuff, yet it remains kinda sleek. A little more square than those other Decoupage Shopping Medias. What do you think??
  2. Beautiful! What part of Hon are you from? I'm so glad we have a Tod's boutique here in HI, I love checking out the new items!
  3. Ooh, I really like that bag. I purchased a Tods bag from E-Lux without ever seeing one in person. I was very impressed and will be a fan for life.

    Congrats on your purchase!!!
  4. Thanks! Yes, it's great to have a Tod's here! Now if we can get Marc Jacobs and Henry Beguelin to also come over...

    I live right in the city, on one of the hills, and too close to Ala Moana Shopping Center. :shame:
  5. I love tod's!!! congrats!!! :biggrin:
  6. Tod's bags are gorgeous. I love the shape of that one.
  7. Oh wow, I really like that! Very cute.
  8. Cool, maybe we were neighbors hahaha :lol: I used to live up at HLR, not toooo close to Ala Moana, but in Hon. I live in another part of Hon now though. I practically LIVE at Ala Moana though:nuts:
  9. It is gorgeous, and it looks practical too :biggrin:!
    Does it come in other colours?
  10. Cute!
  11. very nice bag! enjoy it! Tods makes really good bags!
  12. Congrats! I am a big Tod's fan! Good choice.
  13. Wow! I hadn't seen that particular Tod's....I really like it!'s gorgeous!
  14. Love it! Gorgeous
  15. It might have come in that green that is also in the Tod's Spring line. I admit though, once I saw the black I kind of forgot all the other colors (the black wasn't even on display)! I need this color so I don't worry as much about where I put it down! Very rainy in Hawaii right now! :sad: