Tod's Besonville on sale at NM

  1. hmmm... so tempting... has anyone seen these go for less than $675???
    must resist...
  2. Just got this one in white two weekends ago in Vegas at the Tod's store at the Forum Shops - I LOVE IT! It was marked down 50% to $675 (same price as NM) but I didn't have to pay tax as they shipped it to CA - not sure why it was no tax since we have Tod's stores in CA, but anyway, Tod's did charge $35 for shipping, but it came out to less than if I had bought it in the store and paid the 7.75% tax. Plus, I didn't have to lug it home! This bag is really versatile in that it's roomy, but not too big and the straps are just long enough to fit over the shoulder, but not too long to carry from the hand.
  3. :drool:
    I LUUUUUV this bag!!! Too bad it is so not in my budget!!:yucky: Even with that deep discount!! Phooey!!!