Tod's Bensonville bag available in Dark Green

  1. A while back, some of us were drooling over Tod's Bensonville bag in the Dark Jeans color (blue) that is featured in their fall ad campaign. I just got a new Neiman's catalogue, and the bag is also available in a Dark Green color that is very pretty (although the color doesn't come across very well in my pics)...
    Tod's01.JPG Tod's02.JPG Tod's03.JPG
  2. I've seen it but must say that I prefer the blue by far.
  3. the blue is definitely my fave of the bunch; but i have the saddle color which i really like too. the nyc store had a mustard and a dark brown, all beautiful. the green i'm sure is going to look fab if it's that dark.
  4. I like this bag a lot!
  5. ^^ Ooh, it comes in mustard? Does anyone have a picture of this shade?
  6. Such a beautiful bag...I can't imagine this looking bad in any color! Has anyone purchased the Bensonville, yet?