Tods Benji Bag-

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Hey everyone-I want the Tods Benji bag in the beautiful brandy color...however I havent seen it in person and want to get it ...sight unseen.Has anyone seen it and does it only come in one size?Please let me know what you think!!(Its in the NM March book and at elux)-are those the same bag ...the one in NM book looks bigger....
The NM SA said its like 14x9x4....however the elux has it a little smaller...Cant figure out if there are different sizes or not!(same I doubt it!)
I like both sizes, but the larger one is more practical. I wanted the tan one, but the leather will get to scrathy (its buffalo) now I want the white one.
The SA told me the leather will scratch easily.....But I actually like a bag to show its wear! I will be getting it for my Bday on friday -will post pics when I get it!Thanks for your help!!!!