Tods Bauletto Nylon Bag!

  1. Hi All~

    I Really Really Want To Get This Bag,

    But There's Only Black Color In Virginia...

    I Would Love To See All Other Colors First!!

    Can Anybody Help To Show Me The Images~pls!


    Thank You!
  2. If you go to the Tod's web site you can see all the colors available. The silver is very nice.
    Nice bag!
  3. REALLY?

    I can only see the 'suggested color'

    and the available color icons....

    there's only the black one on the image....

    maybe the reason is the Mac?!

    I'll try on PC...

    thanks anyway~
  4. I like that bag, too. Looks like it would stand up well over time. :yes:
  5. [​IMG] Re: Purse challenge: what cross-body style?
    I'm also hunting for the perfect cross-body bag. I like this one on Diaz, [​IMG]but I have no idea what it is. Anyone else recognize it?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    this is the messenger (on Cameron Diaz), I am getting one today from Saks, so excited
    will post later
    did anyone see the article in the NYT mentioning this bag?
  6. I love the Tods Nylon bags!
  7. I love tods nylon but I saw a knock off of the pashmy bauletto at Dillards and it really turned me off. Should it?