Tod's bags

  1. Hi Purse lovers...

    This is my very first post! YAY!

    Question for you experts: I've bought a Tod's Rodeo Bag on eBay.

    Here's the link:

    eBay: JP Tods Rodeo Bag Handbag v.g. used condition! camel (item 280075109937 end time Jan-30-07 10:17:35 PST)

    Looks great and all, but just for peace of mind, do you guys think it is authentic?

    On the inside pocket, there is a Tod's logo, and also says "genuine Leather" and made in Italy and has a code 06LP.

    Any opinions?

    Thanks a million!

  2. Looks ok to me!
  3. Thank you so much...

    I am always panicking when buying on eBay... Good experiences so far:wlae:
  4. Check out the ebay tips posted on this thread.
  5. I own tons of TODS bags bought from Tods store. This bag looks good!
    Good luck,
  6. I Think You Just Got Lucky! Congrats! Anytime A Seller Shows So Many Pictures, Including The Minor Flaws, They Usually Are The Honest Type. Looks Like It Was Purchased At One Of The Tod's Outlets...great Bag. I Have It In Dark Brown...