Tod's bags

  1. Here in Italy are famous... :yes:
    Great lines, great leathers, do they sell also in the rest of the world?
  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, they do, I have 2, a black Mikey and a suede 'D' bag with grommets from last season. I also had a black Dado that I recently sold on e-bay. Great quality, I think they are more of a classic and somewhat timeless.
  3. I love Tods bags and shoes. I do not own one yet, but I would like to get one someday.
  4. I too love Tod's. One of the reasons that I love them so much is that they are very understated. I especially love their shoes. swoon!
  5. :yes: :yes: :crybaby: i hope so too.
  6. I also find Tods bags to be very classic.

    My dream bag is from Tods.

    I waited ever so patiently for it to go on sale. When it did ,the color I wanted was only in Florida (I'm in CA). But the Tod's SA said they would ship it to me. I was so excited....until they told me the bag was damaged and could not be sold. And there were none left in the US.

    I nearly cried when they called to tell me! So now I scour eBay every day...hoping, hoping!
  7. Tod's has a shop in downtown Chicago. I bought a wallet there. The Tod's shoes are pretty well known in the U.S. I know they make Hogan also, but I was told that Hogan isn't sold in chicago.
  8. I love Tods shoes better than bags, but I have to say Italy leather is the best.
  9. Hello, this is a UK gal who adores Tods but finds it hard to track down a wide range. Selfridges has the meanest, smallest Tods section ever and the website is USA only. In fact the best place I've been for a range of Tods products is Bicester Village. I'd love to have more opportunities, but my credit card would squeal for mercy!
  10. What about the Tods shop on Sloane Street?
  11. I know this is daft, but I always feel a bit intimidated on Sloane Street :shame:
  12. I love their shoes, I have about 8 pairs of them and I bought a beautiful, big, brown soft leather tote bag about 4 years ago, which still looks brand new and I get tons of compliments and looks when I wear it. I love it.
  13. They are so nice at that store. I bought a pair of loafers there a few years ago, took them back 3 months later, cos they were all scuffed up and they gave me a BRAND NEW pair. Just hold your head up and act confident when you go in!
  14. That is so encouraging . . .maybe too encouraging?! I predict credit card flexing in London SW1!
  15. You know, it's so bad, that whole intimidation thing. I'll never forget the time I walked into Chanel with my friend, at 16, and they just gave us the blackest looks. We looked around a bit, but were made to feel like such dirt, that we left the store. I went back with my mother and aunt a couple of weeks later, and couldn't believe the pawing. And it wasn't because they bought anything, but it was the way they carried themselves - not arrogant but confident and self assured. I learned.