Tods bag

  1. I love this Tods bag. Does anyone know where I can find it or something similar?
  2. sorry, i don't know where to get it, but i have to tell you that it's GORGEOUS!!!!
  3. It is an older style of Tods the Girelli, they do come up for sale on eBay, BUT BEWARE! Highly counterfieted bag! The inside should be canvas plain color. The fakes have a cheap nylon signature style lining. Here is a real one

    This si a fake

    Hope that helps!
  4. I've seen this style at the Tod's outlet in Orlando. From time to time they have this larger size in stock.
  5. Tods purses are soooooo yummy! I have a brilliant red satchel from a couple years ago; Neimans called it "the grainy leather satchel", but I'm sure it had some other name. I never could decide whether to put my stuff in it and carry it around, or just sit down and eat the thing. So it's in my closet.
  6. Hi Candeo, looks authentic but an older style. $300.00 is a bit steep for an older style bag. Make a low ball offer and see what happens if you really want it.
    Good luck!
  7. Hi LT bag lady,

    Will do once I have an answer about shipping... Wouldn't want to bid on something that doesn't ships to you won't we... :p

    What do you think is a good low ball offer knowing that the style is older and it is pre-owned? Any hints? :tup:
  8. Hi Candeo,
    Offer $200.00, the seller may ignore your offer or counter. Shipping to you may be as much as $45.00 for EMS from HI. Looks like someone made an offer and the seller let it expire, I suspect it was low. You can always make a higher offer if the first one is ignored.

    The box is included, so the bag has probably been stored properly. The grain leather on Tods is very hard to wear, you really have to be hard on the bag for it to show wear. This bag looks good.

    Good luck