Tod's Bag

  1. I saw the Tod's east/west bag on sale at eluxury and it was bought before I could get it....does anyone know any other places that bag is on sale........I really want it!!!!!!!!
  2. My friend was at the Desert Hills Outlet a few days ago and bought a couple handbags at Tod's. She said she got them at 40% off. Here is the phone number: (951) 922-1448. Call them up and see if they have the bag you're looking for? Good luck.
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. i heard that the Tod's outlets have great deals too, though i have not bought anything from them yet. Good luck!
  5. I've bought a couple of bags from the outlet in Orlando, great bags at a great price. Their inventory varies, so if you let the SA know what you are looking for, maybe they can find it for you or call you when they get it.
  6. why not check the big dept stores in nyc, Saks, bergdorf, Barneys, Neiman Marcus? just go to their website for phone numbers.
  7. Yeah, I went to desert hills yesterday and Tods has, basically, all bags 30-40% off and the sale ends July 9 so hurry! :biggrin:
  8. I saw some Tod's bags on sale at NM in Vegas. Sorry that can't help with style and price, as far as I remember they were 40-50% off.
  9. Tod's outlets are having great sales, but I don't believe they have this style yet. I too have been looking for this bag. Apparently, there are a few left at 50% off in the Tods Boutiques, but in a dark chocolate black/brown-almost an espresso. (I really want it in black:sad:)

    Anyway, if you are looking for the East/West Torciglione in dk brown, call 800-457-8637 for the Tod Boutiques. I believe Las Vegas has one available last I checked at 50% off! There is also a similar style in black: