Tod's Bag On Ebay-help! Shoulder Or No?

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  1. I want to buy a Tod's bag from eBay, but from the description I am not sure whether it will fit over my shoulder or not. I am handicapped and walk on crutches, so I need a bag that goes over my shoulder, and the Seller will not answer my questions. In the description, it says it has a 15" strap, which usually means a 7.5" drop, but the bag sort of hangs down, which makes it look like there would be more room. I am going to try and attach a picture, but if I am not able to, anyone who would be kind enough, please check out:
    Item :250206553943

    This would be a big help to me! I am going to try and attach a picture now, but if it doesn't work, any answers would be much appreciated!

  2. I'm sorry I am not much help with the drop length but I feel I should say that I'd be wary of bidding on any auction where the seller refuses to answer my questions. Not a good sign, imho.

  3. ITA!
  4. So much of the way a bag fits over the shoulder depends on the cut of the bag and the location where the strap meets the bag. If it is a bag you don't know, and the drop looks only marginally long enough, I wouldn't take a chance. BTW, I agree that you don't want to bid on an item if you don't get a response to your question - preferably a timely one.
  5. Linda,
    I think I'm out of the loop...what does "No More Wire...No More Handbags" mean? I'm really curious!
    I've noticed that once a Seller gets a number of bids on their items, they just don't bother answering...which really makes me Not want to bid.
  6. not real at all, I own a Tods bag. It does not look real at all. Be careful with E-bay, I bought a fake Tods from eBay years age, and I paid almost a hundred. so regret. Now , I got a Tods D bag.
  7. Sweetpeax, hope you did not win that bag because it is a FAKE! TOD'S never do that cell phone pocket you see in the picture and the lining is wrong. The hardware is wrong on that bag and so is the style. I reported that listing to eBay and on knowknockoffs but it did not get pulled and now someone paid close to $200.00 for a fake! Sad, I wish people would do their homework.

    By the way, the style that bag is imitating is a TOD'S Miky, go on the handbags, handbags forum, there is a thread there for TOD'S lovers and I have posted many pictures of Miky bags in different colors, you will see the difference between the fake and my real ones. About the shoulder, I have the Media and the Grande and if I were on crutches leaning forward, that bag would fall off the shoulder A LOT! You might be better off with a messenger or a bag with a longer drop so you could wear it across the body, maybe and older style d Bag with the longer strap.

    You can also post over int he Authentic This forum if you find a bag you like and need to know if it is real before you bid.
    Good luck